Inner Strength, Outer Change
Inner Strength, Outer Change
Welcome to Core Essentials, LLC
Welcome to Core Essentials, LLC

About Us

Our mission is to provide holistic services that strengthen independence; assist in the restoration of sound family structures; and that foster meaningful community relationships.


Business Philosophy Exist to Serve is the driving force of Core Essentials’ philosophy. Core Essentials seeks to foster a sense of urgency that evokes a positive change in the lives of the people we serve.


Core Essentials is a leader of sound business practices by being steadfast in the delivery of services through excellent customer service, highly qualified and experienced employees, and commitment to cultural competency.


Who We Serve Core Essentials seeks to serve individuals, couples, and families in need of Mental & Behavioral Health Outpatient services and Case management.




Featured Clinician

Core Essentials

Inner Strength


Philip Terry



10+ years of Community Mental Health experince helping children, families, and individuals.

Core Essentials

Outer Change


"Inner Strength, Outer Change"

Corporate Address:


8501 Tower Pointe Drive Ste B3

Charlotte, NC 28227 

877 589-3969 ext 2


Telephone: 919 886.6056

Fax: 1+ 877 786.5369




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